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Massage for couples - the two of you and me (André)

Would you like to surprise your partner with a beautiful four-hand massage and/or learn some tricks of the basics of massage yourself? Let's give him of her all the attention and massage along with me.
In other words, partner One lies on the heated mat or table and receives the full attention of the two of us for the entire session. So partner Two is massaging with me.

Each session is unique. One couple wants to learn just a little more about receiving and giving massage. The other couple would like a few extra skilled hands on the body together with his / her trusted partner. The ultimate four-handed experience.
How or what your version is, I would like to hear in advance.

The partner massage is sensual and beautiful and fits right in the term of Sensual Awakening. A mix of relaxation, sensuality and, above all, giving, receiving and letting go. The entire body is included, from the soles of your feet to the top of your head. You as a recipient can surrender completely to skilled loving hands and hopefully also to the sensual energetic waves through your body.

Precisely because your partner is there, you may also dare to show more of yourself. So breathe through your mouth, let yourself be heard and surrender to our touch and above all enjoy to the fullest. Less hesitation is more pleasure.

Do you dare? I myself am always dressed.

The time below is for the session only. Besides that also take some time for undressing and dressing, having a drink and recovering.

If you have special wishes, feel free to email or app. This session can be very sensual, but by no means sexual.

This session is given by André.


€ 140,00 for 1.5 hours as a couple