Our practice

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My own code of conduct

Below you will find a summary of the agreements I make with you. And practices that I will not do.
Unfortunately, this list has become necessary due to too many media reports about indecent "Tantra" masseurs. Too bad this list is necessary, because it's so self-explanatory I think.
My complete offer is online and other offers can not be booked.

What I do before a session

- ensure that the room is equipped with clean and fresh textiles and is very hygienically maintained
- start with an explanation of what exactly the massage entails, my working method and any reactions to the sessions
- ask you in advance what your wishes are, or what you want your intensions are
- inquire in advance whether the set-up of the chosen session suits you and your boundaries

During the session

- ask (again) if everything feels okay for you
- if you indicate during a session that you want to stop for a while, a visit to the toilet, some water or to completely break off the current session, please say so immediately
- I offer you a safe space to feel comfortable with feelings of fear, shame, lust, anger, frustration, etc.
- keep everything that I possibly encounter in myself (own process) out of the communication and session
- I also expect you to keep the energy and attention to your own body
- only my hands are used as an instrument, so no penis, tongue or toys

During a session I will never

- make sexual innuendos, talk sexually
- massage fully naked myself
- tell you about my own needs or desires
- kiss you, have sex with you
- touch my own genitals or ask you to touch them

After a session

- I leave it up to you if you want to book an appointment in advance. Of course you can also come just once

After a session I will

- do not invite or approach you privately via email or social media
- not have sex with you
- not initiate a friendly or intimate relationship with you within one year of the treatment